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9 Мая, 04:11

Mudslide in northern Canada

A passion for the natural world drives many of our adventures. And when we’re not actually outside, we love delving into the discoveries about the places where we live and travel. Here are some of the best natural history links we’ve found this week. Mammals Evolved Big Brains After Big Disasters: The relative brain size of mammals has increased over the last 150 million years. Scientists have analyzed the brain mass of 1,400 living and extinct mammals to piece together a timeline of how they have evolved. The biggest changes in brain size occurred after the mass extinction 66 million years ago and a climactic transition 23 to 33 million years ago. Franklin Sailor Identified From DNA: In 1845, Sir John Franklin’s expedition in search of the Northwest Passage ended in disaster. Both ships became stuck in the ice off...

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