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Everest Summit: Some Wait, Some Go

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8 Мая, 23:55

4 Sherpas on the sunny summit of Everest

Push or patience? Some vanguard climbers are following the Sherpas who summited Everest on Friday, while others hold off for strategic or physical reasons. Meanwhile, the Sherpas themselves have safely returned to Base Camp, after spending the night at Camp 4. They have also posted the first summit pictures of the season, above. It is not unlikely that some of these Sherpas will climb again with clients in the days ahead. Of the major teams, only the Bahrainis have announced a full-on summit move. They aim to reach the top on Tuesday. Shehroze Kashif of Pakistan, aka Broad Boy, is with them. British guides Kenton Cool and Jon Gupta are on their way up with one client each, however. Neither has updated his position since setting off. No-O2 strategies It is too soon for those climbing without supplementary oxygen to...

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